Close Combat Tactical Trainer

Ft Carson, Colorado 80913
(719) 226-7804

Close Combat Tactical Trainer

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The CCTT is a simulation system wherein various simulated elements replicate actual combat vehicles, weapons systems, and command and control elements, which are networked using Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) technology for real-time fully interactive collective task training on computer generated terrain.  The system’s image generators and displays create a simulated battlefield and; when viewed by crewman using the system, creates the illusion of moving and fighting over real terrain while operating the replicated vehicle, and employing the vehicles’ weapon and communications systems.

Platforms avialable: M1A2, M2A2, HMMWV, and HEMMT.

Terrain avialable: Ft. Carson/Pinion Canyon, NTC, and more.

For scheduling information contact the CCTT Operations Manager:
Rodney Thomas (719) 524-3568/226-7804

Email :Rodney Thomas

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